Anatomy Of The Heart

The surface on the heart lies painfully,
Lies liquid on the trembled shell
Of that what really is and isn’t
Existing of fallen memories, lost and long
Forgotten by the awaken mind
Like water it will never hold a solid state,
Unless winter falls gently on its shoulders
For a while the frozen cover will never let
Anything else in but the accidents of Time

The trembled shell around the heart is painful,
It trembles at every sound of known love
Of what it really wants and doesn’t
Sheltered in the outer circle for the dark
But it’s even letting the shadows in
Like glass it will never shatter quickly,
Unless the sky falls hard on its surface
The cracks will show, but mended over Time
To create an embrace again

The outer circle looks painful,
But holds the inner core deeply together
Of which that really matters and doesn’t
It’s the last part light has to break through
Until it can implode and leave a mark of love
Like a forest it breathes life in and out
Unless the source is cut away on its ground
For a while a breath is lost between two lungs
And will escape as the darkness enters

The inner core never seems to hold pain
But gets lost in-between every line of darkness
Of which that really got through and hasn’t
It’s deeply encored underneath all the layers
But still fears the possibility to see the dark
The light that has entered, seems to stay here long
Even when the source has been dimmed
As a remainder, the core for a new strength
To hold the balance of the outer embraces

And you, you got through
Leaving marks of pain and love on the surface
My map got lost on the outer circle,
How did you get through?

© Stella Lumina (Ellen Edens)