Count To Ten

When nights are so weak and so dark
Moonlight is behind those clouds
Even the stars are not bright enough

When the silence has said too much
Shivers through the rest keep me awake
Words I’ve never heard singing

And I just breathe in and out
Count to ten, passing time stands still
By every number you’re getting closer
Making light of the dark
You’re the shining light that guides me home

When the cold shivers over my skin come
Need a place where I can fall asleep
Where shelter will surround you

When I’m so afraid again
Don’t know what for, maybe for the unknown
Maybe the things that I wanted

And I just close my eyes and open my heart
Count to ten, passing thoughts stand still
By every number you’re getting nearer
Even under the deep of the storm in hard times
You’re the trembling voice which leads me home

© Stella Lumina (Ellen Edens)