Keykeeper’s Answers (An Attempt To Answer)

I close my eyes and I
Hear your voice once again to tell me
“It’s captured, it’s so fragile,
Did you see it again by the lake of insanity?”
I hear my own voice speak, but it does not
Make any sense, as it’s trying to feel
And explain the reasons why this all happens
We both have answers, but the questions
Were never asked before – liquid on these papers
It’s trying to complete everything I once held
But your answers reel me in and leave me open
To kill the sentences never formed – forlorn again
The acceptance of the unreality is nowhere to be found,
Even the formed reality does not present itself to me
And lost underneath the confusion it’s brought
I make up my own excuses, as my answers die
And recreate more questions than before

Don’t you think this light that keeps us awake
Is the same light that should never be lost again,
Don’t you think this hour that stays to linger silently
Is the same hour in which the answers will blend in
To only not create which was before

I close my heart and I
Hear your voice once again to tell me
“Leave it open and make sure
It’s reflecting all the light from the lake of insanity”
I am willing, I am able to but it does not
Embrace the thought of feeling this all again
To take the suffer below the reasons why
We both have conclusions, made out of confusions
It was never formed before – insanity lies equally
It’s trying to forget everything I once held
Captured within the fragile moments and so lost
The questions seem to fall down on every breath I take
Entwined with the beautiful sunrise they gave me
But even the Keykeeper couldn’t unlock its mysteries
As it cuts through any unfolding reality once created
I make up my own dreams, as my edges die
And recreate more dreams than before

Don’t you think this darkness that fears us both
Is the same dark that can not enter anymore
Don’t you think this key to unlock both our hearts
Is the same key that opens up the answers blending in
To only not give us which was before

I close my eyes and I
Hear your voice once again to tell me
“It’s not that I don’t crown you queen
Of these bittersweet hours I can only give”
As my crown enlightens the perfect sunrise
Do you think it’ll ever reflect the reality?
We both have answers, questions, sentences formed
To mess up this solid surface equal to one dimension
Don’t you think this heart that lies awake in this light
Is the same heart as both of ours entwined?

© Stella Lumina (Ellen Edens)