Strength & Weakness

As my heart weakens with every minute,
Another should receive the strength it had
But you know, I think it doesn’t really make sense
Since when should there be a difference
In either the strength or the weakness
And mine had left some hidden anyway
What would that mean for the receiver?
Perhaps when the walls fall closely to me
It’ll make sure the light weakens
Anything that’ll pass along which shouldn’t

As the words strengthen with every sentence,
My stories should get weaker but don’t
Instead they follow a strong line ahead
Since when should there be a difference
In what is told and what is untold
A lie left unsaid might be just the same
As any given truth twisted and spoken
When set up against the wall of illusions
It’ll get stronger as its effect will cause
A weakness no one can deny nor loose

As any of either strength or weakness
Just follows the lines of whatever lies underneath
I appear weaker or stronger than I am
A perception of the mind is all it’ll be

As my mind strengthens with every thought,
My heart should get weaker but it just
Keeps itself silent under a wave of strength
Since when should there be a difference
In the strength of both mind and heart,
If strength is only a mind’s perception?

© Stella Lumina (Ellen Edens)