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Effects of morning coffee

As I’m sipping my (well deserved, that is) morning coffee away I can proudly tell you that Solace Elsewhere’s new layout is online! Which of course, you should’ve seen by the time you’re reading this…

I also launched kinda unofficial the name Stella Lumina Designs, to cover actually all the website designing I’m doing. Last project was my father’s business website, (then along came a new coat for Solace Elsewhere) and now I’m working on a project to create an archaeological-related website. So yeah, with a sort of new name I thought I needed a new, flashier, and of course more purple-ish site! So here we are…

Under the new tab will be soon all the website-work I’ve done, I thought that deserved a place of its own ;)

Enjoy your sunday,

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The First Days of Spring

The first moments of spring have arrived! Need proof? Well, check here:

Also a great moment to listen to The First Days Of Spring by Noah and the Whale!

Enjoy the sun,

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Settle in my heart, Autumn

Just to celebrate my favourite season of the year, here’s a very old lyric of me (I used to label it as not-finished):

Laying at world’s end
Waved from the endless tree and caught
By many eyes which rolled over time
But they can’t make time stand still
And linger over it to make it their enemy
Silence in the shouting
And words played for the innocent ones
Catching teardrops without a meaning
I’m full of desire, longing to catch you
A lightness in the sun,
Just a brightness in the rays of blinding light
And it’s still permitted
This moment so short but slowly crawling
Like time had no ground to stand again
Nor rise again

Between colors fading brown and yellow,
Autumn is taking over our sorrow
But my heart released in its red
Would make your voice smaller than it is
But I’m going to release you from it all
And leave this red leaf of pure innocence behind

Enjoy the leaves,

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The new coat

I bet you already figured out the layout changed (ehm, yes it did…duh.) and I hope you’ll enjoy it! There are still a few small things that might not look too perfect (or won’t work at all..) but those things will be finished soon. I’m just glad adjusting another Wordpress theme was “easier” this time!

Soon there will be a new catergory in the Photography sections, as I’ve been making HDR photos and they just need their own little place within our madness here. I’ll update whenever those photos are added.

Enjoy the sun,

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Long time no…

Yeah I haven’t blogged for quite awhile. Been very busy with school – and also with (my fansite about Sarah McLachlan) which needed to be updated quite alot as well. I’m just checking in to let you know I’ve been writing ALOT but that’s all on paper and yeah guess what… typing that all over is way too much! I will read some parts of my notepad through again and see if there’s anything that stands out and deserves a place here. Besides that I’ve been doing alot of graphical work which should be updated soon here as well.

Enjoy your holidays,

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Perfect halo of whiteness

As you can see, Solace Elsewhere has a new layout! A change had to be done since the last layout was loading way too slow. Luckily this is a much “lighter” layout (not only in colors, but also in code and stuff) so it shouldn’t give any loading problems ;)

That was just a quick note from this kind of working hard webmiss!

Enjoy your weekend,

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Run from hidden words

Well, the writer is back from Engeland – I was in Newcastle for a Snow Patrol concert. Second row, view of the singer, great songs, ah well, what could make it even better? It was just amazing. Breathtaking. Maybe I’ll come up later with some piece of text about it, but for now… A small piece for my biggest hero now. Won’t tell you who! Ah well, here it is:

In my own closure I find the lost tracks
Of my mind being completed for the last time
It shatters over the wall as I try to keep it close
Out of everything that I ever owned,
Out of everything I always wanted
There is a dream coming closer to the fact of living
And some tears are willing to make it true
But in my dark I can see the light
From away I came thinking I could change destiny
And now it has brought me everything I could miss

And from behind these walls I hear your words
Written before and playing loops around the darkness
Coming nearer to lift me up from where I am,
All of these words forming the hurt I felt,
And bringing comfort as I try to reach the answer
There is light far away but I can’t reach it but these,
These words are even lighter

And, before I forget it, I entered a contest over at, so here it is: Book of the Ancient Legends


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Lyrics are up, graphics are coming!

Well, all of my lyrics are online now. That wasn’t the hardest part, no, the hardest part has yet to come! In these weeks I’ll be adding every graphic (I already added the Sarah sigs/banners, they’re complete) which takes me longer than I thought it would. Anyway, just stay tuned! Haha…


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Lyrics will be soon up…

Just to let you know what I’m currently working on. First of all, the lyrics will be up. You can find them under the section “Archive of Finished Words”. Those are the complete ones though.. I also make smaller poems, but you will be able to find those on my blog when I made them. Currently not all lyrics are online but they will be soon. The second section, “Archive of Graphics” will contain every graphic I made over the past years. They include wallpapers, icons, signatures, banners/headers and more. I hope you will stick around because alot of stuff is coming up! Comments are always welcome, adivce/feedback about the website itself or my lyrics (and graphics later!) is the main reason I’m placing my work here on the net. Enjoy your day,


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Hey there, welcome on my blog Solace Elsewhere. Took me long enough to finally put it online, but here we are! You can navigate through the site with the menu above, but also on the left here. This website is my archive of finished lyrics and graphics that I made in the last years. If you want to know more about the person behind the site, just click on “About”.

Please note that besides the home page everything is still under construction.

I hope you’ll enjoy it!



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