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Get your words together, girl!

Yeah I really should get my words together, and I did! Well at least with 5 lyrics: all of them were not finished (remember Pandora, Constellation of Possession and even the oldest-not-finished-one Return Of The Writer?) but I managed to finish them now. Here they are:

Constellation Of Possession
Pandora (I Am Your Silence)
Perception Of The Sky
Return Of The Writer
Source Lighter

As you probably would’ve guessed: Pandora (I Am Your Silence) is one of the lyrics that will take part in The Pandora Project. Maybe Constellation Of Possession as well….

Enjoy! Love,

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The Pandora Project

I just wanted to point out to that little link on your right… it opens up the Pandora Project, or actually “Pandora (I Am Your Silence)”. Further information about the whole thing can be found on that page. I’m trying to get it finished by the end of the summer but as we all know… that might just turn out differently than planned as everything does.

And now back to the real work! Or, ehm, taking photos that is and writing!

Enjoy your sunday,

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