Lost inside the words

I’ve taken alot of new photos, so check out the photography section in the gallery (both digital and analog)! And, I’m writing but to be sure some of that is posted here as well, here’s a piece (just made this up):

Endless in your comfort I give myself,
Onto – into the moving landscape I once sought to find
Your moments are marked on my skin,
Your memories are feeding mine
The last rays of reality came to check on me for a while
I broke the silent reflections and placed them closer
The shattered pieces on my equal floor,
And the light messed up, the dark hauntingly frozen on the wall
Time doesn’t seem to move at all

I’m sure more is coming up, but I kinda get the feeling I’m experiencing some kind of writer’s block….Oh, and we have a new header, pretty huh?

Love & enjoy your sunday,

Posted on 9 October '11 by Stella Lumina, under Lyrics, Photography.