So you want to know more about Stella Lumina Designs? Well first things first:

Real name : Ellen Edens
Birthday : 2 July 1990
City : Groningen, The Netherlands
Occupation : Student Archaeology / Physical Antropology aka Human Osteoarchaeology
Interests/Hobbies : Writing of course, making graphics, creating websites, reading, history and geography, daydreaming, photography
Movies/TV Shows : Tomb Raider, Star Wars, Pirates Of The Caribbean, Dragonfly, The Gift
Series I like are : House, Medium and Ghost Whisperer
Music : Sarah McLachlan, Melissa McClelland, Tori Amos, Norah Jones, Ilse DeLange, John Mayer, Fisher, Dido, Snow Patrol, Martha Wainwright, Tired Pony, Regina Spektor, Laura Marling, Noah And The Whale and so much more…

About Stella Lumina Designs / Solace Elsewhere
The name Stella Lumina Designs (which can be explained in two ways…) covers all of my graphical, website and poetry work. I have been making websites since 2006, mostly from scratch and using what I know. Over the years I’ve learned a lot about website designing and also graphical designing, putting my experience into practical work with a handful of websites I designed and maintain. Besides that, my poetry – or lyrics, whatever you wish to call them – is one of the largest part of this site. Writing is one of the important things in my life, as you can read below…

Stella Lumina Designs: writing: Well, I’m currently not writing as much as I always did. I started at the age of 11, making really (REALLY!) bad songs in bad English. As my English became better, my songs got better too. Still I hadn’t found the amazing style to write, I just couldn’t find my own style. Years of trying to get my words like I hear them in my head, I listened to a CD of Sarah McLachlan (Fumbling Towards Ecstasy). The way she wrote things, described her feelings : that was what I needed! The mysterious, dark, yet so powerful and light girl. My writing became better and my style too. It’s the style of writing you read now, my older poems won’t be placed here. But with only a writing style you won’t get far. I needed inspiration. Stories. Memories. Images to describe and explain. I get my inspiration from mostly everywhere, things I see on the street or what I feel when I pass someone by. As I read this all above, I can say I have been writing since I can remember. It’s so natural for me, I really don’t know what I would be doing without it.

Stella Lumina Designs: graphics & websites: Both website design and graphical design are for me pretty much so close related, that after I started graphical design it was closely followed by putting my own website online. In that way, my graphical work and ideas got a whole different dimension and it’s still fun to see your code do magical things in the browser. As I said before, I have a handful of websites I designed and maintain now. I work mostly with Wordpress and its themes (I like to use themes just as a basic and heavily, really heavily adjust it), but I also work with PHP, MySQL-Databases, CSS, Javascript & HTML. I do most of my stuff in CSS though. Furthermore I work with Paint Shop Pro and Photoshop to do the graphical work.

Why Stella Lumina? I really wanted a nickname, artistname. For the domain it was easier (I don’t like your own name as domain) and just as something to use when blogging. Stella Lumina comes from Lumina Stellarum, which means starlight in Latin. I really like this name and that’s why I choose it to be as my “nickname”. The name of the website is pretty Sarah McLachlan related, “Solace” is her second album, and “Elsewhere” is a song from her “Fumbling Towards Ecstasy” album. I just thought the combination was pretty fitting.

As for Stella Lumina Designs: you can either see the “Designs” as a verb or as a plural noun. Choose wisely.