All That Remains

When the ground starts to fall and decreases itself
With inches to walk for
And to speak loud and to shout with words you’ve never heard
I might write you a nameless letter
Telling you things you may have never thought of,
Soulless I wander in this day full of desire
Finding myself laying on the ground
The ceiling is turning into black and white
The curtains have fallen as red as they were
Thoughts passing by I wasn’t aware of
Lightness shines through the day and I know
There’s nothing what the night should change

And all that remains
After waving the clouds from the sky
Is a feeling from a lost time
Is the color white

Speaking louder than it should I found the rest
Words to lay down for
Wind plays with the sand of the storm that waved for so long
The damage it caused seemed to take the light away
And everywhere I looked, saw the begin to start all over again
Whether you lost your words or you’re saved by the day
The blueness your eyes had is still there
But the ceiling is broken, and I don’t have eyes to see it
I go on and on with walking and giving myself to the ground
The curtains have fallen as red as they were
Secrets are not longer hidden and I don’t know what to say
Your light seemed brighter than I knew
There’s nothing that will change the way I feel

But all that remains
After taking the forbidden words from your mouth
Is a feeling so helpless
Is the color white

Tell the birds you’re free to fly with them
Dance with me around the evening glow
It’ll find itself feeding with our desires and completes us

© Stella Lumina (Ellen Edens)