Am I Worth Dying For?

Will you hold me forever
So I will feel your hands

Will you kiss me forever
Drowning into the sand

Will you love me forever
While the earth loses its life

Kiss me while the moon turns red
Hold me while there’s fire inside their heads

And love me while the earth will leave us

Will you die in forever
I’ll live inside your heart

Am I worth dying for ?

Will you kiss me forever
Hold my hands forever

While we are drowning into the sand

I will love you forever
While the moon goes away

Catch a star, give it to you
And burn my hands for you

Kiss me while the sun leaves us
Love me while no one, no one wants to stay

I’ll hold you when the sun will go down
Love you in the sea that will drown us

Kiss you when the sky will fall upon us

Am I worth dying for ?
Am I worth dying for ?

© Stella Lumina (Ellen Edens)