Light gets in and out,
Darkness is just a voice with no words
Harmless and undiscovered it lies closely
And wants me to tell him of silent tales
Spoken in a tongue I have never heard
Released with even more shadows than
His own disguise which is fading fast
When walls of defence and power are lost,
And their fundaments turn to dust
Stone can no longer hold any strength at all
What is left behind to let the wind carry on
Or to recreate the scenes again?

Cold and bitter he turned to me,
With a solid but weak voice he said
“That will be a perception you’ll never see”

Time slips away from me again,
And again I threw myself at his feet
To cry out words in a desperate hope
When can my strength stop rewinding these seconds
And every other moment marked with fear
But his own tears made me step back an hour
When strength and solidarity fall prey to fear,
And any other fight seems lost before
The war to hold pride high enough has not begun
And courage can not be found amongst this all
What is left behind for the enemy to win
Or to learn from our mistakes?

Warm and sweet he turned to me
With a solid but weak voice he said
“That’s the only courage you’ll ever need”

The weight shifts from day to day,
And never seems to hold the balance anymore
Blindfolded I try to see clear
But it won’t let go of me at all
When justice and silence are there entwined,
And no words can be said to speak again
What is left behind for this balance to hold?

And a lost voice, he turned to me
With a solid and warm embrace he said
“Then it’ll only be your word you’ll ever need”

© Stella Lumina (Ellen Edens)