Blue (Part Two)

Blue, lost again on the surface of you
Blue, imperfectly lying perfect with me
And everything you hold seems to hold me too
Blue I lost you but found in the lake
The colour blue again, vast as the ocean
Blue your sky makes me silent in my words
Deeply confused by your beauty and colour
I lie awake in the dreams you sent me
Come near me, blue, I missed you
And the fine line of your solid presence
Blue, like the moments I marked without you
Are you listening blue, when I whisper
And call out your name in this broken shell
Blue, are you my shadow following me?
Your words breathe embrace and leave me numb
Blue, your colour will never be forgotten by my heart
Blue, lying restless in everything you have could give
And melted in the moments which were shared through all

Oh blue I was still red
And still we could get combined
Even closer than I’d let you
Blue you bring in the light I turned off silently
Blue don’t ever let me go again
Oh blue don’t you ever go again

But I never said I wouldn’t need you,
And I never told you that I was wrong
Your embrace came without mention and permission
And decided to keep me in between yours

Blue, following the streams into the vast river
Oh blue, dark and hauntingly beautiful
Holding me strong in every shade of your colour
Never letting me go again

© Stella Lumina (Ellen Edens)