Blue, like the wind follows you
Like your eyes with the sky and all its pride
The clouds which never lost their breath
Blue, like the murmurs of the voices
Once belonged to be sad
Because it is not darkness that will lead you away
Blue, like the river deep
And the oceans sunken and below your world
Blue your colour is beautiful again
But between my heart and yours
It are not the words you speak loud
You kill me with hard looks through my mind
Blue I once followed you
And you must know I’ll never forget you
But I don’t know the reasons why
And all the questions bury me in your endless ground

Oh blue I was red
But somehow we could get combined
Your heart for always bleeding
And your words put below my heart
Blue, like the words so lost and gone
Like your eyes which are empty now
Once filled with the endless breath of being in the sky
Oh blue can you come down

But I never said I wouldn’t need you,
And I never told you I was wrong
Maybe I’ve found you before
Oh blue why won’t you listen anymore

Blue, like the eyes of imperfection
Laying in rest for the cruelness of the world
Blue, dark shiver but blue
Blue, dark shiver but oh so blue

© Stella Lumina (Ellen Edens)