Out of the bottom of your heart
Light fills the room when your silence speaks
And I was sure I heard words that were forbidden
It wanders with the speed of light
Don’t let them turn it off,
Everything that’s strange
Should first be recorded, scientific true
And then to be explained
But love like yours I can’t see it, can’t resist it
I only feel and adore it

And out of borders is my heart
From what I have seen, got lost in you
You take more than I thought I had
Soulless I wander, full of desire I love
The heart I had is fully devoted to an angel
And that light you make out of sunset light
Is more filling than ever, I could not sleep
Because I thought there was a sunrise light

On the top of the mountains
Wind brings a message from so far
Words you heard and spoke
Touch of heart it makes me quiet
There’s more behind the sunshine and moonlight
Maybe more than they have ever seen

Out of borders is my heart,
Out of anything that kept me standing on this ground
Just let me fly, fly and fly I’ll wave until you heart stops
Seeing things far beyond their world and I’d
Know you will take me there

Out of borders is my heart,
So borderless inside of me
You take so much more places
I thought I never had
But even silence takes my heart and your words
Are truly devoted to my voice and I’d
Know you’ll take me there

© Stella Lumina (Ellen Edens)