From behind these words everything marks
The outcoming world that I feared to let down
Didn’t they see it was more than beauty,
Created from only a path and some butterflies,
The wine was already ready
And stood on the kitchen table
But it fell
I tried to save our wine
But my cat was faster
Now we have a drunken cat

Well, here’s another glass of wine
Enjoy the following moments
Or don’t
You fell over my feet
So the wine fell over me
Now we have a red dress

You thought a glass of soda was safer
So we could finally being romantic
Watch out,
You didn’t saw the drunken cat
And fell hard on the ground
Now we have a wet carpet

The candle lights had something
They brought the romance here
Watch out,
Our drunken cat just walked by
And doesn’t stand on this ground
Almost the couch on fire

Well, don’t mind it
We had a wonderful evening
– even without a sunset
Tomorrow we will clean up everything
But watch out for the drunken cat

© Stella Lumina (Ellen Edens)