Chess Game

My words are completed
Forming a line that will question your heart,
This night has taken too long
For the lightness is not weak and I am not lingering
Wandering through the lakes of insane
You whisper out loud
The day has end for no reason my brightness takes off all your darkness
In this maze of a chess game I made the first step towards the light
Your sympathy leads you far away, your voice keeps me alive
And to breathe for once without oxygen I found more than I ought to find,
The water spoils raindrops so expensive,
And its reflection is everywhere to find
Hunting, crawling in me finding to find the thought I sought for,

I made this first step and there’ll be no return
Darkness doesn’t seem darker here one step brighter
Words playing all along to sway/bend me asleep
This night has taken over too long and I’m waiting for it to fade
I assume you have your words to protect yourself for the vicious circle
This all has an end let me take you to the light probably taken but recovered
Now it’s your turn

© Stella Lumina (Ellen Edens)