Director's Cut

Just a ray of light fallen on the ground
Crawling in, hunting over the lost forgotten surfaces
And all my tears should leave their place now
But even more than I could bare
Naked thoughts lying entwined with their bodies
Deeply inside the pure, unmarked window
Where truth plays scenes I’d rather skip
But the director’s gone
And my script is nothing what it should be
And now only been fallen away
It’s light that keeps me taking away from where I should be
Inside the rays of innocence
The scenes will take place
And we’ll all be waiting
Waiting for the director to blame the lies

So when my lines are done
And my words have been said
I will let the story take over deeper and deeper
The night will even look over its shoulder
To keep the dancing light awake
May I say I danced around the light for quite a while
When everybody looked the other way
Searching for the director
It fell in pleasant ways around my bare shoulder
Crawling in like it should have
And nothing else will bring me back
Not even the lies

© Stella Lumina (Ellen Edens)