In your eyes where nothing
Has ever found a reason to lay down
And I forgot what I wanted to say
Out from this perfect light to be with you,
When everything becomes clear
Oh it are my kisses you dream of dear
When I will release you
From these waves around you
And give in oh I’ll let you breathe in
These thoughts of comfort among this path
Where even shelter wouldn’t dare to come closer
Laid in release,
Pure as it comes to hold your skin around the heart
Below all the current waves of the river
Leading you away
Above all clouds of creating a path towards nothing

And one for one they stand before me,
Little boxes, little thoughts unreleased
Waiting for the key to open their worlds
I know
What’s been chasing them
You laid your thoughts and your dreams
Afraid to show them to your inner voice
And I’ll open them one for one
These dreamboxes

© Stella Lumina (Ellen Edens)