Dreams Of The Guardian

Open doors will lead you far,
A light that passes you by
But will never return
You follow its reflection
Trying to keep up
All the rays of sunshine which passed you by
Have killed me over and over again
Your heart is free,
Your thoughts have come along to keep me warm
All the rays of moonlight once caught
Been released by your voice, speaking of never ending shudders
Those places you’ve seen and counted
An open desire left yearning, dying to be filled
Can you fly ?

I’ve been standing for this closed door,
A permission to follow the light on the floor,
I always dream about little places for your heart
Walking in the night to find the light
But somehow there was a source left unbroken
My heart pounded harder and harder
And my breath took my words over
My hands couldn’t find the surface
Everything was liquid, just like water
Drops on the window
But my dreams have been behind the door

© Stella Lumina (Ellen Edens)