Egocentric Light

I always speak of words so unknown as you’re guessing the meaning
How much I’d need you how you’d always heal me from old scares
Some of them caused by time,
Some of them caused by the wind – leaving me behind in the storm
My heart was bruised for I did not know how yours was caused by light
You gave and I took, from lightness until that wanting distance,
My hands laid open for all that you had but I did know how yours would feel,
And scar by wound you healed all that hunted me,
Inch by inch you took a mile

But this egocentric light might have caught me days ago,
Thoughts of hanging, clinging on the past have I let go
You gave all that you had, you gave all that you could
Don’t tell me I forgot, don’t tell me I did
Your past was passing by and hunting too, pieces of the broken window
This glass all around you before you tried to clean up
I came by, stopping, smiling, laughing and I returned healed
Now that I can find myself between two walls and a window,
Let me heal you from all that ever hunted you as a storm,
Let me be the deep endless space you once were to fill the filled emptiness
Ever caught you as a forbidden lightness

Memories returned and I gave them all away as we would know them
Desire has led us all through since I was caught again by the bright light
You sensed out ways for time,
You sensed out ways to let me fly away from this odd palace
My hands caught memories that had been standing still for a long time,
You gave and I took, more than I ever could handle

© Stella Lumina (Ellen Edens)