Endless Distance

If night falls on your face
And thoughts are catching you
What do you want me to do ?
I just wonder if you think of me
Miles, miles away when you’re tasting the wine
I only could by loving you

How will you remind me today
If I told you yesterday to stay
And you left by my northern sun
Am I the flower in your endless night
Or just the cruel night around your endless flower
Do you want me to catch your thought ?

The way you come and go
Is hurting me slowly
Searching for a better place
To find a dream, deeply in your heart
As if my arms were never good enough
And the night was never there, here

How will you remind me today
If I just told you please, please to stay
But you left with the northern star
But am I the star in your endless night
Or just the cruel darkness around your bright star
Do you want me to catch your love ?

And if I told you
The stars will all fall tonight
Will you still look up
Hoping for some kind of light ?

And if you’re growing old
Sitting on the veranda when you’re fifty
Looking at the trees and the birds
May I pass then all your thoughts by
Will you then think of me
Like you never did before ?

How will you remind me today
Am I your beautiful rose in your dead garden
Am I your sun in the timeless space of filling you

Am I your bird in the silence of the night,
Singing like you’ve never heard before
Am I the standing light of all your passing lights
And will you never turn me off or down

Am I your words on the empty paper in your hands
Am I your strong hand between those without any grip
Am I your lighting when the day is so clear

Am I your flower in the night
Or just the night around your flower ?

© Stella Lumina (Ellen Edens)