Forever Ever Never

I turn around and round to fall
The ground will catch me and I’ll see
Slow falling stars inside of a soul so pure
Confusion makes king of the night
And I keep on repeating your words
Your light guides me to our home and I
Would try to blind words I haven’t heard
They say our words don’t belong and we’d
Tell different stories for each other’s heart

“Forever ever” never dies in loneliness
Never makes the feeling getting lost
And when I shelter for crawling time
You kept your heart open for spaces
“Forever ever” never goes in loneliness
Never comes with one heart meant to be
Light faded through forest darkness again
And I think I’ll find your heart again

Watching your light touching in the dark
Hearing your voice taking the words
The meaning makes me weak but so strong in you
Your whispers stay floating in me
And I keep on repeating your words
I rest in restless feelings to hunt
Devotion makes me queen of your heart
Can’t catch stars but I try to light up
They said I wasn’t bright enough to glow

© Stella Lumina (Ellen Edens)