Before the stars will all fade out
Sleep wanders I protect you from nightmares
And hope you’ll find the dream you wanted
The sun won’t say goodbye it was your dream
To fly with her and to never sleep again
But I can’t resist dreams where you know it
Will go different than we’ve planned
And I don’t know why but your love
Is like a good dream you can’t resist

Before the moon stands higher
And it will show you a world of wishes
And whisper them all in me, your words
Hanging on the rhythm I felt before
Sleep still lingers and I thought it was safer
So much safer to lay inside your dreams
But the way you talk to me
Keeping me from it but as long
You know what you say I’ll love the words
Oh I’ll adore them from your lips
Speaks with wine and sounds like drunken

Before the sun wakes up again

And let me just close my arms around you
For now I am the angel which protects you
So let me now thank you for your love
And hold your hand and

Before the sun wakes up again

And let dreams now just go and come inside you
For now I am the one which will lead you home
Let me now give you your dream of love
And hold you heart and

Before the moon will sleep again

© Stella Lumina (Ellen Edens)