Wandering over the busy street
Faces passing by, I don’t count them anymore
Lost my number by 44
Faster than the light falls on your face
Thought I had seen your face again
Thought it was your hair that was blown by the wind
In my own, empty direction
Thought it was your voice who had called me
The strongest feeling of your hand
But I was so, so disappointed to see
It were other faces that passed me by

Don’t bother me
Oh no, please don’t
I miss you too much, even too much to look back
I’m helpless
And turning into sand

Longing to see your eyes again
Thought it were your glasses that passed me by, so fast
Was that your car’s motor I heard
Can’t remember you said you had one
Looking back like if it was you
Just the shoulder of someone in a strange car
Out of this empty direction
The colour of your favourite shirt here
And the smell of your kiss grabs me
But I was so, so disappointed to know
It only could have been you, could have been you

Don’t ask me why
Oh no, please don’t
I need you too much, too much for understanding
I’m helpless
And turning into sand

I saw your legs, the strong feeling of your arms
Your clothes you like to wear
The sparkling in some eyes
Tell me, where are you to stay
Cause I’m so disappointed to see
It wasn’t you, never was

Don’t ask me why
Please, don’t bother me
I miss you so much, tell me where do you have been
I’m helpless
But I won’t turn to sand

© Stella Lumina (Ellen Edens)