Lavender Influence

You’re as strong as wine
Holding yourself on to something
That would never be there
Teach me how to fly,
Teach me how you survive when you’re on a island
Full of memories which have led the desire inside you
Tell me my wings are made of talent to fly
And there’ll be no sorrow when I reach the storm,
Let it just passing by, nowhere to be found
And I reach for once the day
And I find for once to sunset rising in your soul

You’re as strong as the wind
From ear to ear you bring whispers among those
Which had never had a voice to speak with
Teach me how to speak,
Teach me how you can stand up for what you’ve had
Meaningless my words try to enchant you with all their time,
But you close your eyes and tell me I’m strong
Well I just can’t believe in that look where I was
But there’ll be no worry when I reach the storm
The end will always be nearer than we knew
And I reach for once the light,
And I find for once your love rising in your soul

Oh you’re so strong as a fight in Rome,
Thoughts will lead you far,
Nothing can hurt you or let you fly away
Only I know
The lavender influence of this day
Has made you weaker than you’d ever admit…

© Stella Lumina (Ellen Edens)