No Title

Sleepless in your mind
But awake in my feelings
Caught through many fingers
And our fingers
Flown over many hills and time
Just like us
And it’s just that, that will
Keep us so close

Wonderful, if you know a place
Where you can put it in
And see it together with me
I’ve held it in my hand
For, before my eternity
Seems it’s a feeling
We’ll never lose
And that is what I wanted
Keep me so close

The moon in your hand
And little stars on your fingers
The sun guarding your soul
And earth moving above your hand

Roses around your head
Little flowers against your mind
Butterflies on your shoulder
And love moving in your head

Do you know, know
What I’m saying with every word I know ?
Do you know ?
I guess you do
I know you do

© Stella Lumina (Ellen Edens)