Ode To The Elements

Blow me away from the tireless wave
I will set the sunset free for I can see the sunrise
Behind this light a pattern of a world begins
And everything just turns into a ray
Burning into the safety of these
Where nothing can ever come and take me away
Just blow me away,

Light, have you seen it ?
Oh dear light, I tell you this
Light have you heard it before ?

Control the liquid ways of falling
Insane thoughts clinging on the past lost and forgotten
In the dark shades of the dying day it’s there
Waiting for the lakes to dry up and find its way
For it can not shelter nor can give it a place
It will hold me all around my present being,
Just take me away,

The heat of the inner desire grows
In these cold days, darkness appears left nothing blind
For there are no eyes to see nor feel it
Close the open thoughts left hunting for them
Who never have caught the sense to feel
So enchanted in its arms passed it by like a flame
Just melt me away,

Light, have you seen it ?
Oh dear light, I hold you now
Light have you heard it before

The cold distracted, the warmth caught
No it’s not all just the seasons who pass it by
Coming closer, nearer to find the reason
You just can not control this solid way of standing
For I am here lingering, it has always brought me to you
And what would it say when it heard, it’s still King here
Just take me away,

Oh dreams of the King,
Light, have you heard them before ?
With just your breath and strength
And the appearance of this dark
Light, you have seen this before
Everything is equal, equal to the ground

© Stella Lumina (Ellen Edens)