Repeated Intuitive Behavior

When moved away from the landscape,
Trying to find leading paths towards whatever
It is that seems to be found everywhere
“Just follow this riverside” he said,
“Follow then the small creek on your left,
Turn right by the haunted house
And you’ll get whatever you want”
He said the night would also fall soon,
But my memory still lingered in the day

Never followed any riverside but turned right
Straight up to any other path I’ve never
Seen or walked before as I remember
And he said: “This repeated intuitive behaviour
Will never get you really far at all”

When lost again, I seem to have buried the map
A few miles back when my anger released the strength
My heart said it could imitate a compass
But I’m not sure as it hasn’t felt any attraction
“If you want to know the way” he said,
“I’ve lived here my whole life, if you just
Follow this road a few miles back
Turn left and follow the main road
Then you’ll get wherever you want”
He said I’ll get tired real soon and the distance
Might be just too far to walk at all

Never really turned back at all since I
Had seen this all before in my past
But there’s a dusty road up north asking me
But he said: “This repeated intuitive behaviour
Will never get you anywhere near it”

When back on the track again, slowly
My feet seem to have misstepped themselves
But my heart said it was brave enough
“And I warned you before” he said,
“Just follow this road until it leads you
Straight up to a field where you’ll find
Everything or anything you want”
He said they’d know exactly what I need
After the long journey my feet have known

Seem to have found this field after some time
But it never really had anything my heart
Had been asking for from the start
And he said: “This repeated intuitive behaviour
Will never get you what you really want”

© Stella Lumina (Ellen Edens)