Rock Of Stone

In the face of the blinded sky
Wandering to find the missing star
They said someone shot it into an innocent cloud
But the fields are empty
And the sun just left the street
And the moon just left the road
Feeling some birds flying in my heart
While it turns around in madness

If I will throw a rock from here
Into the sky
Will there be an angel
From my sweetest dream
To throw it back to me ?
To let it run back to me ?

Came back with the lightness
Are we still searching for it
Oh I thought we had found it all along
And the fields are full of our dreams
But we don’t see them
Looking back it’s only you
Innocence and dreams
Are drowning in the river of stars
And our dreams just left the river
And our stars just left the clouds

If I will throw a stone from here
Into those stars
Will there be a moon
From my weirdest dream
To throw it back to me ?
To let it fall back to me ?

I can feel the light of the stone
Falling into my grace
Of his face
What did we left behind there
Cause the river took our hands
And made us write on stars
To feel the emptiness of the fields
And find that star all along
For waiting to let it come back
But it hit a cloud of madness
And didn’t came back
Just like my stone

But when the fields will be full of clearness
They both will come back in my old days
From an angel of my sweetest dreams

© Stella Lumina (Ellen Edens)