Seven Million

Seven million years ago
I saw you in a dream
And now you stand before me
All my heart can do is scream

I’d walk a million miles for you
Or kill a million men
I’d move a million stones
Oh my precious, just say when

Seven million years ago
You were in my mind
And now you’re looking at me
You’re all I wanted to find

I’d fly a million worlds from here
And sent it all to you
I’d take a million lights for you
Oh my precious, it’s what I’ll do

Seven million years now
Are you all over me
I’m staring now in your eyes
Sunshine is all I can see

Seven million years ago
You fell into my hand
Trying to hold you so close
While I know, love is like sand

I’d go over a million times
Let time stand still for you
I’d jump over a million ravines
Oh my precious, that’s what I’ll do

Seven million years now
Protect you from my love
I’m walking on the borderline
Will you give me a shove

I know you know I know you know
But sometimes think you don’t

‘Cos I sometimes dread you won’t

But in the end we’ll get it right
I think
I hope
I pray

© Stella Lumina (Ellen Edens) and Paul Read