Maybe her eyes are not brighter
And the love she gives is not true
Maybe she’ll die again in the sun
And leaves her heart behind in the clouds

Maybe I’m just your endless thought
And you’d have end it all along
Maybe I’ve stolen your heart again
But she’s taking it away from you

What if I told you she can’t read your eyes
She doesn’t know what you’re thinking now
She can’t see the sun rising or feel it
What if I told you she can’t feel you heart
Your heart is truly belonged to me
She doesn’t know what we’ve spent together

Maybe she throws dies to love you
And doesn’t know your star sign yet
Maybe I’m just blind when she will fall
And I could not safe her with my arms

Maybe she reads books to know you
But doesn’t understand those words
Maybe I will shoot through her blindfold
But can my bullet hit her cold heart ?

What if I told you she’s tracking you down
And act like she will never leave you
But she can’t see the romance behind you
If I told you she can’t write like you do
And steals words to make them true to you
She can not know what you will think of me

And else we will fall again
Like we always do
With words will I speak
With the love of yearning steal you heart
And I will fly through clouds
She can’t see

But are you losing your feelings so hard
In that butterfly, flying to find
She can’t see that flying beauty turning
Cause it was sent from my own heart to give
Your heart that truly belongs to me
She doesn’t know what you feel for me

© Stella Lumina (Ellen Edens)