Tell Me

Go away, fly away
Expensive words
No, not in my mind
Tell me what you need
But not with words I don’t understand

Tell me when
And why the sun left
In our eyes

Tell me how
And who left us alone
In our eyes

But I need to hear it
With your own voice
Not with words
You scribbled down on a piece of paper
That you ripped of my note block
And put it on my desk

Tell me where
And how the moon faded
Everything away

Tell me quick
But with all the words
I only know

Don’t speak to me
In an other language
All your expensive words
Do you know I can’t buy them ?

So tell me when
And how this turned away
In our eyes

May I hear it
From your own voice ?
Don’t write
It all down so you can forget it all

So tell me how
And why the sun’s faded away
From our eyes

Tell me, tell me and tell me
Tell me when
Have you changed ?

© Stella Lumina (Ellen Edens)