The Hatter (Part Two)

My wings are melting
Made out of glass,
My dreams are sinking
Made of paper
My eternal breath is losing itself
Could have told the Hatter to stay for now
He lost his time
Made out of seconds
Moment passes moments and I lost
He tells me to be quiet and we’ll all find a way
To keep our hearts intact

My words are fading,
Made out of dust
My thoughts are running
Made of words
My eyes are quietly following,
Could have told the Hatter I’ll never find it
He lost his time,
Made out of me,
And he controlled so much but never found
A way to loose everything made out of anything
To keep our hearts intact

And he screams to move on,
But his watch won’t let me look
Running, falling, leaving and flying
Time is passing backwards in our time
Time is longing to fly
Time is hungering for the freedom in time

Our hearts are losing,
Something I could bare to find,
And deep in this lightness that should release the second part
The first one was just standing still
He and I
Searching for both left in unknown
When he can find the keys to unlock this time,
We’ll be able to find the other kind of freedom
The Hatter and me
Should have told him
It’s maybe closer to us than we feel
But my wings are melting,
Made out of glass,
His words are fading
Made out of time

© Stella Lumina (Ellen Edens)