The Hatter

Didn’t want to
But I just had to
Bringing memories, as if it was so gone
Time brought wounds to understand why
Feared the words I yelled and cried
Reflections of a sea once so lost and dark blue,
Shining glitter, light and pure
Making its way towards my face
Closer to the tears of imperfection is a desire
To never belong among those who can’t find themselves
I lost my time and the Hatter brought it back

Didn’t want to
But I just had to
Sensing words like they all belong on one place
Your heart was filled and mine was gone,
Missed the smallest smile on your face
Through thorns and life you brought me to the sea,
But it had no mirror image
Taking its way down to our hearts
Closer to the light of imperfection is a blindness
Which can light you up against the wall
I lost my time but the Hatter brought it back

Confused and so lost you made it to the white tree,
Just a thought that will save you
Leading you through all the fears of being left
And time stood still inside your bright gold heart
Follow the signs,
Follow the marks leading to his time

Into this lake full of memories with no home,
Where rain falls in forms of thoughts
Time is the spinning wheel in the water,
The Hatter is the beginning guardian of time
I found what I was seeking for,
Closer to the feeling of perfection I laid back,
Lost my time and the Hatter brought it back

Didn’t want to
But I just had to
Falling faster in his arms
To be with you

© Stella Lumina (Ellen Edens)