Turning On The Blindness

The love you can give
Don’t you know it’s so truly restless
And I turn off my light to sleep
But all I see is your light shining through the night
A sound of voices, your voice makes me awake
You turn on the lights, blindness fills
And I know, this is going to be
Another sleepless night

The cold air you breathe in
You breathe out, the warm air floats over me
Can’t speak, some words are forbidden to be spoken
And I turn off the lights to close my eyes
And all I can see is the light of the sun
In the middle of the night
Coming from one place where I live
A place of shelter, of comfort inside of you
And I just breathe in and breathe out
Can feel you underneath my skin
You turn on my lights, the light fills
My heart that turned on crazy for you

And when darkness is send to the night
I’ll know that your light is going to keep me awake
It will taste like sweet wine and all I can do
Surrender, give in and lose my heart

© Stella Lumina (Ellen Edens)