Wandering in lost thoughts,
Lingering here for the untouched touch
Where light falls on the ground,
Looking around to feel the longing near
There is nothing coming closer
And everything coming near
Would you stay, when this will all fade away
The ground underneath the light starts to fall
And my eyes are awaken over the dawn
The young light slowly crawls over the restless surfaces
To find the touch for it to blame,
It feeds itself with darkness found in corners,
Coming across the window,
I can not see its existence but you said,
Oh you said it was here for us
You closed your eyes and said I was there
Deep within the bright light

But somewhere in-between,
Deep in your following eyes,
Falling from the deep sense I created with light
I close my eyes to let the dawn fall asleep
And your words mark their time
I did not feel the earth anymore,
Only the warmth of a lost feeling I denied,
For over the years light has passed
I came back to look for the days
No one said it would be there

© Stella Lumina (Ellen Edens)