When Speaking Up

A broken shadow moves closer to me,
And whispers dramatically of a lost love
One outlined through and on a piece of paper
In black ink, it’s getting grey throughout the years
When silenced, speaking with my voice
As if my words will ever make this easier
Lines running out and in of the mess created
Into almost perfect circles which can never be
The words they were meant to be
Lost in the story I keep on hearing silently

A quiet river moves towards the sea,
Bringing more water than my eyes could carry
The liquid ink creates even more complicated lines
On this small piece of paper of mine

A broken soul turns to me hauntingly,
And claims his wounds are too much
The burdens on the shoulders have too much weight
Collapsing underneath it all, life fragmented
When in search for every piece,
As if my broken ground can be any solid state
The puzzle lies on the cold floor and in the dark,
When memories create more than just a moment
Lingering in the carried burden heavy on a soul
Conflicting with breathing in and out

A quiet story moves towards the thoughts,
Carrying more words than my mind could carry
The broken fragments of my own memories
Lie even more scattered on this floor

A broken heart follows me secretly,
Not letting in the murmurs of a once belonged desire
It hides in places I can never reach out to
But lets me come closer when the night falls
When awake, telling of pain
As if my unstable heart can carry it all
Released in more than words it howls
Through the veins of a moving memory
It seems so breakable without any comfort
Holding up the balance between insanity and reality

A loud voice moves towards my own,
Speaking of more feelings my heart could carry
The pain lying underneath this surface
Is even more present than its past

© Stella Lumina (Ellen Edens)