Wolf Lying On Your Floor

In these words of pure lines
Endlessness is coming near in liquid forms
Have seen this path before, in these stories
Full of places left in the unraised voices
And deep in the senses of this fearless
Caught the inner desire growing
So I wander here again
Its cold to never be released again
Oh I fear the words coming from the clouds
Appearing in the dark clouds of this skyless story
The angels said they would need some more light
Just from the top of all the mountains
In which featuring heights
And I come undone lying in these rivers
Water embraces the solid way of being
Comforted, oh this solace in the deep of light
Reflected by the outside pieces of glass
Coming out of the shells created by protection
Nothing ever releases the inner breath
I just needed this timeless room,
Chambers of giving lightness equals the darkness

So I walk in,
With both eyes closed to be with you,
Beside the strength of your wings
There was a wolf lying on your floor

Coming nearer the fire flames get higher
Wood embraces its willing to be forlorn
You said it’ll all come around again
As I fall deeply in this willing tear
It is not the shameless cold it made
But more the embrace of a desiring kiss
Like the arms of just a shining light
Rays of capturing holds the coming storm
And I lay against its side,
Looks at me,
Fears me,
Silent me,

So I sleep in,
With both my eyes open to be with you,
Beside the strength of your wings
There was a wolf lying on your floor

Cold, not here to blame but there
And silence speaks out loudly of silent words,
And my heart bleeds for the open wounds,
Dreams enter they conquer my thoughts
But the flames are getting higher
There is a wolf and a girl lying on your floor

© Stella Lumina (Ellen Edens)