Website Design: (first is my fansite about my favourite artist Sarah McLachlan. It started out as a simple news site with some pictures and multimedia, but with the help of the community on, grow pretty fast. Not only the layout went from a simple one to a more basic and let’s say, somewhat proffesional than Frontpage and some images floating everywhere. was my first website I ever worked on, and you can see on the site how I grow as a webdeveloper. Besides the newspage, which is the front page (also working with the WordPress blog system) you can find a gallery, bootleg archive, tour archive, multimedia, information about Sarah – not only on herself but also on her Sarah McLachlan Music Outreach Program and Lilith Fair. I’m still working on it, there are some pages still not fully done and when Sarah is in the spotlights again, the site will update with everything she has done!

To give you an impression: