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It all comes at once

Just when you think nothing is going to happen and you try to write and create again with an empty mind (and already knowing nothing is going to be created) everything comes out at once. Lyrics, graphics and even photography!

Lost in silence I got covered up in this tangled embrace,
Waiting for the outside to fall in as I watched the ceiling
But the moments marked with the spoken voices were coming down
To see me here breathing in all that I had ever thought of
Your old voice comes in and makes me look around for where I placed you,
Your old voice comes in and sings to me once again,
It’s the same I heard before, before when I was lying here in my own madness
This time I came around to only feed myself on my own desire
To let it blend in on the environment I am in
But your words are new to me, the same words but completed different
Telling me once again a tale of my hidden love
Carving out the reasons to lie awake, won’t you just tell me again
Where to find the northern lights?
Tell me again where to find the spots you left on the sky
The clouds have begun to rise and I can’t find the light
But the darkness makes its appearance greater than I’d let it be
So come on, light, find me again and fill me up
It’s not like I have anything else in my thoughts to hold you there

But the sky is bland again and leaves me with no words
Speechless I watch you repeating the ceiling all over again
Did you find the words to tell me this moment so I could breathe?
And from beyond I see the storm of my own heart coming
You say there’s nothing but just a rainstorm waving through our senses
Mindless from the shore I left all the islands long ago
To find the open ocean just feeding on me
Is there a shelter here, is there a moment of silence waiting for me
Where your embrace can catch me again before I break through the dawn
And now the storm of my own heart is coming closer to this all,
Hiding behind the sunset which I know darkness placed through my veins
Making my heart for a moment revealed but also sealed,
The untouched touch will be held in wait for any coming closer moment
How far will the wind crawl into your heart,
How far do you think my senses could feed this storm to make it all ours

Since we’re in this mad mood anyway, why not just put up some I-just-made-this-up-without-thinking-piece right away?

Get the silence, get the words
I might find another way around to tell everyone where the light is
Breathe in, or just breathe out
Can you see through the clouds, can you see beyond my wall
The days are running longer over your skin and I’m finding myself shorter of words
To feed on this perfect light that seems to grab you in every ray
And for once I’m full of words, then again my mind fills me with thoughts
Ever being filled with lost thoughts when you were thinking other thoughts?
Ever being filled with silence when you were looking for the other way around?
Come here close to me, I think I found reasons why
Beyond the glance of my mind another appearance is waiting
Broken through the glass of my own reflections I find myself bleeding words
Seems to be caught up once in a while by the forests of the unknown,
The lake which was never filled but now will be endless with my presence
So get the silence, get the words
I might just find another way around to seek for the light that found me before

You can find the new graphics right here: Sarah signatures / Sarah wallpapers

And, of course the photos I took recently:

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Sunshine of graphical moments

Yeah, just launched Photoshop and went crazy with the new Sarah McLachlan pictures! If you’d like to see what I made, check the gallery ;) As far as lyrics go, I’ve been writing but just small pieces won’t really form a good one..


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In the blinding light

Happy new year! A bit late, but better late than never, right? I made a Sarah “Happy new year” wallpaper plus another Sarah wallpaper. And: some written pieces as well. Those will be up soon.


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Being all Graphical

I updated the site with my newest graphical stuff! You can find it on the right but also on the last pages of each section (except the icons, the new ones are on the first)

Sarah signatures/banners, wallpapers and icons


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Absence of Time

I just wrote two brand new lyrics – Absence Of Time and What Dreams Are Made Of. Besides that I have some small pieces (not only on paper, in my head as well ;) ) which I hope will turn out to some new lyrics as well. AND I made some graphics! 3 Sarah McLachlan signatures and one James Morrison:

And here are the lyrics:
Absense Of Time
What Dreams Are Made Of

Enjoy your weekend,
Love, Stella

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Graphical little moments

And here are some new graphics! I made 3 icons and one graphical piece of Sarah McLachlan, with the new pictures of the Juno awards where she was last weekend ;)

Enjoy your weekend,


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Lyrics are up, graphics are coming!

Well, all of my lyrics are online now. That wasn’t the hardest part, no, the hardest part has yet to come! In these weeks I’ll be adding every graphic (I already added the Sarah sigs/banners, they’re complete) which takes me longer than I thought it would. Anyway, just stay tuned! Haha…


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Lyrics will be soon up…

Just to let you know what I’m currently working on. First of all, the lyrics will be up. You can find them under the section “Archive of Finished Words”. Those are the complete ones though.. I also make smaller poems, but you will be able to find those on my blog when I made them. Currently not all lyrics are online but they will be soon. The second section, “Archive of Graphics” will contain every graphic I made over the past years. They include wallpapers, icons, signatures, banners/headers and more. I hope you will stick around because alot of stuff is coming up! Comments are always welcome, adivce/feedback about the website itself or my lyrics (and graphics later!) is the main reason I’m placing my work here on the net. Enjoy your day,


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Hey there, welcome on my blog Solace Elsewhere. Took me long enough to finally put it online, but here we are! You can navigate through the site with the menu above, but also on the left here. This website is my archive of finished lyrics and graphics that I made in the last years. If you want to know more about the person behind the site, just click on “About”.

Please note that besides the home page everything is still under construction.

I hope you’ll enjoy it!



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